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Have a Little Search Engine Fun With Google's Tricks

Google Shortcuts Make Life Easier in Small TasksThere's a whole list of Google Search tips and tricks that not everyone knows about Google. The search engine can give much more information that just web search results. Google seems to know literally everything; it knows too much, according to some people's opinions. Below is a list of the top 10 Google tricks and secrets.

Google Secrets; Searches That Google Wants You to Know

Type in an airline's name and a flight number and Google will give all the details, from take-off to landing and if it's on time.

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Type in a UPS, USPS or FedEx tracking number and Google will give a link directly to the shipment locale.

To see who is linked to any website or page, simply type in "link:" (without the quotation marks) and add the URL immediately after the colon. All the pages that have a link to the queried site will populate the results list.

If a user needs information on a PDF file or any certain file type they can type in "file type:PDF" after the search query. The list of results will all be the type requested. No more searching through huge lists to find a PDF!

Google calculator is very handy - no more leaving a current task to find and open a calculator program. Just type the equation in and Google will answer it.

More Fun Things to Google

Need a quick stock quote price? No problem, simply type the stock symbol in and get prices, charts and other related links. For example, type in "msft" and Google will display the information that's wanted.

Google Definition - If a user needs to know the definition of a word, it's super easy. Type in "define:" and the word immediately after the colon (define:mastic or any other word). The definition and websites related to that word will populate the results list.

Use Google for searches local to a particular area. Go to local.google.com and type in what is wanted and local.google will give results for that subject within the particular area.

A user can enter in an area code with a phone number and the results list will give a general location of the number's registered owner. Depending on information available, it sometimes even gives names and addresses associated with that number.

Follow the weather by typing in "weather" followed by a zip code or city and state name.

All secrets Google wants us to know. Google is more than just a search engine giant. It won't be long until it knows everything!

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